Count. Replenish. Manage.
Count. Replenish. Manage.

Inventory Control

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Inventory Control

What is it? Where is it? How many do we have? The first step to proper maintenance is knowing the assets you have. Dematic Sprocket EAM software controls it all. The result? Improved response time, higher work order completion rates and better spare parts planning for reduced equipment downtime.

Total Inventory Control

There is never a good time for lost or missing parts. Material delays can result in poor lead time planning and ultimately extend equipment downtime. The Inventory Control module is the solution — from purchases and approvals to spare part validations and tool management, Dematic Sprocket stops downtime before it even begins.

Accurate Item Updates

Cost and vendor information are updated system-wide when parts are received.

Approved Purchases

Rules automatically route purchases for quick part order processing.

Automatic Bills-of-Materials

Built-in inventory reports show accurate spare parts lists by individual asset.


  • Reduces downtime through effective staging of parts and purchases
  • Makes it easier to complete work orders more quickly by making parts readily available to technicians
  • Improves budget management planning by providing better visibility into on-hand inventory requirements
  • Optimizes on-hand storeroom levels and keeps critical parts readily available through lead time and usage monitoring.
  • Increases accuracy by providing immediate access to a Bill of Materials and historical parts usage, so technicians can be sure they get the right part

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