Bringing Total Visibility to Your Supply Chain Assets
Bringing Total Visibility to Your Supply Chain Assets

Fleet Management

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Fleet Management

The assets that make your operation go can extend beyond the four walls of your facility. Fleets of vehicles to bring in supplies or deliver goods are vital to success and profit. With Dematic Sprocket EAM, you can track these assets these assets to provide a unified, holistic view of your entire enterprise.

Comprehensive Vehicle Management

The Fleet Management module is configurable to match specific fleet tracking needs. It can quickly and efficiently replace existing systems or added as a new tool. And it fits seamlessly with the simple, intuitive user interface of the Dematic Sprocket EAM user interface.

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS)

Track equipment assets and maintenance repairs using VMRS codes in work orders so reporting is consistent across the entire fleet.

Fuel Tracking

Integrate with fuel card management systems to bring vehicles, fuel, oil, and other fluid usage automatically into the cost of maintenance and inventory transactions.

Vehicle Valuation

Maintain data based on VIN information in the database to bring accurate valuation and pricing for resale, disposal, and purchasing decisions.


  • Consolidates warranty data
  • Maintains accurate mileage for depreciation and maintenance
  • Provides vehicle valuation analysis to determine repair or replacement
  • Allows the location, movement, status, and behavior of a vehicle to be monitored within a fleet (Telematics)
  • Reduces unnecessary maintenance by basing regular inspections and preventive maintenance on actual usage and mileage driven

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