Maximizing the Productivity and Reliability of Your Operation
Maximizing the Productivity and Reliability of Your Operation

What Is Sprocket?

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What Is Sprocket?

Dematic Sprocket is an enterprise asset management (EAM) system that streamlines and automates processes in maintenance management. Dematic Sprocket improves workflows and minimizes the costs required to perform maintenance.

Dematic Sprocket is as flexible as it is powerful:

  • A Web-based solution that can be hosted onsite or offsite
  • An Application Programming Interface (API) for straightforward integration with existing SCADA, ERP and .NET systems
  • Mobile user interface options for untethered access with smart phones or tablets

Dematic Sprocket features a modular architecture that addresses each critical area of efficiently maintaining your facility assets.

Beyond Basic Facility Maintenance

As an EAM system, Dematic Sprocket surpasses the capabilities of a standard computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). It is designed for total facility management: inventory control, preventive maintenance, reporting & analytics, capital asset management, and more.

The Dematic Sprocket user interface is simple and intuitive, which facilitates a proactive, productive work environment. The software can integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems in a facility to increase the productivity and reliability of your operation.

Dematic Sprocket provides the toolset you need for efficient, effective maintenance management.

Committed to Enterprise Asset Management

Dematic Sprocket is a trusted EAM system solution with over 500 implementations and 10,000+ users. The Dematic commitment to quality customer care ensures on-time and on-budget deployment. Customers have demonstrated their approval with a nearly 100% renewal rate.

Excellent training for inventory - not too complex but answered all questions and helped me to understand data processing for inventory and how to utilize the module Wonderful programs easy to use modules - caring staff and staff always responsive to my need.

Customer Service Coordinator/Facilities
Salt Lake Community College

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