Deep Visibility into Your System
Deep Visibility into Your System

Reporting & Dashboards

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Reporting & Dashboards

To know what is going on in your system, you need to be able to see what is going on in your system. Sounds simple enough. And with Dematic Sprocket EAM software, it is. From asset data to financial data to key performance indicators (KPIs) to inventory turnaround, Dematic Sprocket presents your vital system information on an attractive, organized dashboard. Professional reports can be generated easily by users or Dematic can design them for you.

Instant Data Access

Dematic Sprocket provides access to real-time data from anywhere in your system. Reports are easy to understand and always available. They can be exported to spreadsheets or even be scheduled to run automatically and sent via email to facility decision-makers.


Customized templates, fields, formulas and filters with access to all data.


Enterprise-level reporting generated from multiple campuses, facilities and databases.

Access Control

Reports can be limited to users with permissions to view them.


  • Supplies intuitive financial reports to manage budgeting
  • Creates scheduled reports that can be emailed automatically
  • Generates simplified reports tailored specifically for management
  • Forecasts future needs and predicts changes in costs and activities
  • Tracks KPIs, estimates future expenditures and manages inventory in one console

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